Alissah Brooks Discusses Her New Song with TRANZGENDR

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Allissah Brooks Discusses Her New Song with TRANZGENDR

This past week TRANZGENDR had the pleasure of discussing with Allissah Brooks, her new song 'Dope Shit' and her journey as transgender musician.

While the transgender community has been very blessed with great artists like Jordan Gray, Ryan Cassatta, and many others, we have yet to fully break through the wall to mainstream acceptance.

Trans voices can be very unique and provide insight into a lifestyle that for many is unknown and mysterious, so I believe its' only a matter of time until before the wall to mainstream acceptance is torn down.

'Dope Shit' is both unique and at the same time fits right into the music being spun on club today. You can download a copy of Allissah's song on iTunes right there --> Dope S**t (feat. J. Tyler)

Allissah can you tell us a bit about your journey, both as an artist and as a trans woman?

I first started to feel different in elementary school. Wishing I'd wake up a girl. When it didn't happen I stopped thinking about it. It wasn't until later on in high school I started doing "girly" things. Tweezing eyebrows. Walking different. My mother asked me if I was gay one day and when I said yes it was not a good response. I then took it back and moved out on my high school graduation night. I started doing shows and began dressing up more and more. Developing my look along the way and educating myself on what I needed to do. I gave myself until the age of 25 to completely decide is I wanted to do this. Of course I did.

I started taking hormones and living as a woman in 2009. With doing shows as my full time job I started developing the entertainment skills I needed to peruse different sides of entertainment. I met my best friend Kat Graham (Actress/Singer) at the start of my transition. She has been a major influence in the woman I am today. With her help I started doing small acting role and then became involved with the all trans girl group the "secret girls". That gave me the push to break into music. Dealing with different personalities and experiencing bullying and body shaming within the group and then ultimately deciding to leave the group I started to fuel my own drive to succeed and be better. And here we are now.

allissa brooks, dope shit, allissa brooks dope shitWhat inspired 'Dope Shit'?

Dope shit was inspired by my producer Ryan Snow and the amazing writer Kali J. The song gives you a mix of Fergie with some Britney. With a twist on the famous Mary Poppins song. "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious". Little sass and raunch.

Are you going to release a full album?

I am in the works on releasing my EP by Feb/March. I have a great team behind me and I'm so excited for everyone to just enjoy my side of things and dance. That's my main goal is to create club bangers.


Who are your musical influences?

I'm mainly influenced by Britney & JLo. But my biggest influence is CL. Korean pop star and girl group member of 2NE1. She's super dope!

Do you have any live performances coming up?

I'm putting together a promo tour so dates will be added. But as of right now I'm performing during Atlanta Pride.

October 7th @ Burkharts Pub (Atlanta, GA)

October 8th @ Opera nightclub for the official woman's party for Atlanta Pride. Hosted by My Sisters Room. (Atlanta, GA)

October 9th @ Piedmont park on the Coca Cola stage for the Starlight Cabaret. The pride closing show.  (Atlanta, GA)

That weekend is going to be huge!
Is there going to be official video?

The official video is going to come out in the next couple weeks. I have a couple tricks up my sleeve. So you'll have to stay tuned at to see what happens.
With everything that's going on with in the LGBTQ community I just want for people to use this song as an escape or distraction. My goal is to reach as many people with this song and to use it as a way for everyone to feel sexy and dope!

For now you can check out Alissah Brooks' performance video of 'Dope Shit'!