Transitioning With Sophia: The Captive Has Escaped

The Captive Has Escaped, transitioning with sophia, David Stanard, Vera Stanard, Anchor Baptist Mission

I've been pretty open about the fact that people who birth me, Vera Stanard and David Stanard, have been trying to get my ex-wife to take away my visitations with my son Noah. This past weekend I found out that they have also been teaching my son that God hates me and that I'm going to hell. So it's time you all know the truth about who they really are to me.

About a year ago Vera came crying to the house I was renting from her. She began apologizing for abusing me as a child. I didn't force her to go into detail about what she was apologizing for I felt it was unnecessary and I already knew the truth. But now it's time you all to know the truth. I will tell who they are to me with my very first memory of my time on this Earth. It is not of the most painful abuse I endured, but it will tell you a lot about how they viewed me and how I viewed them.

I was really young and I can hardly believe I can remember it so vividly. When I first caught a glimpse of the moment, I bombarded with my mania for weeks to full flush out moment. My affliction was once a curse, but now I view it as a blessing. It still causes me to make mistakes, but it's power is awesome and beautiful.

The Memory

I saw myself trapped in my crib and crying because the room was hot and I was alone. I wanted to be with them. I cried for hours on end. I remember giving up and finally laying down, As the room filled with darkness, I remember staring at my hand as it slowly disappeared into the darkness. At one point I heard yelling. So I immediately stood up and began crying again, but once again no came to answer my cries. Slowly the room was completely filled with darkness and my cries and tears slowly faded. Then when I was about to give up on everything. A light began beaming through the window and the curtains blew in with a cool wind, and with the breeze, my memory fades.

The Lesson

The lesson I learned that day was that I had no parents. I was a captive and they were my abusers. I learned that I had to hide and protect myself from them. I have never truly accepted them as my parents. I have never taken either one of them out for a Mother's Day or a Father's Day brunch. I have not bought them presents for the day either. I don't even call them, they call me on those days. They do it so they can falsely brag that I acknowledged them as my parents.

I have always known the truth about who they really are and who I really was. I have known it from those early memories. The answer to whether my parents contributed to me developing bipolar disorder is yes. Their years of abuse and stress contributed to me developing the illness. If you know anything about epigenetics, then you know the answer to her beliefs that she contributed to me developing my affliction is a foregone conclusion.

There is no point to getting the worst of the abuse. All you need to know is that the truth makes one of my abusers and captors cry. I lived most of my life in fear of my abusers and captors. They have haunted me and controlled me for years after I moved away. They not only controlled me with their punishments and neglect but also with their ideology of hate.

The day I came out and started living as Sophia, I finally broke their chains. Their response was to try and instill me with self-hate. Now they are trying to teach my own child to hate me. They want control. The want to punish me. It's all they know.

They told my son that God hates me. The truth is that, if God is love, then to say God hates, is a blatant act of blasphemy. They say my escape is against God's law, while their judgment is not. David Stanard is the pastor of a place called Anchor Baptist Mission. It is not a house of God who is love. In fact, some of the congregation has left that church because David has mistreated Vera in front of them. They could no longer stand by and say nothing.

My abusers and captors claim to believe in Jesus. They believe their path is cleared and all those that they have abused and spew hate upon will perish in hell. All I have to say to them is that they shouldn't be so certain.

The Truth

John 16:2-3

They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.