Delaware Prisons Update Their Transgender Policies

Delaware Prison, transgender policies, transgender

Delaware Department of Corrections quietly updated its transgender policies to be more transgender positive or accommodating. Prior to the policy change, transgender men and women were classified and treated based on their biological gender. As you can image that led to a lot of heartache and legal issues. There are many new rules, but below are the main staples of the new changes

  • Guards are now prevented from strip searching inmates to determine their biological gender.
  • The policy also encourages guards to use the inmates preferred pronouns. Room has been given to the guards to be human and make mistakes.
  • Guards must use the inmates legal name and are not allow to try and change the gender or sexual orientation of an inmate.
  • Self identifying transgender inmates will now be given information/ a brochure on their rights.

The new changes are great step forward for transgender rights. Due to economic discrimination, a number transgender men and women find themselves in trouble with the law. Having rules in place to protect those within the legal system who are struggling to get their feet under them, should help maintain some level of dignity during difficult times.