Dr. Phil Follows Around a Transgender Teen Girl for a Day

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Arianna, who is a 17 year old transgender teen girl, allowed Dr. Phil's cameras follow her around for a day. The images from her life are both sad and disturbing, as she's forced to face bigotry and harassment from her own family.

While in six grade she learned what it meant to be transgender and said she could relate the trans women. Not more than three years later she would come out as trans. She goes out in public as a girl, even though she has almost no support from her family. From early childhood she has demonstrated all the hallmarks of gender dysphoria, yet her suffering when absolutely untreated.

In the video below, Arianna reveals a truth that's lost on many people who show the trans community no compassion,

“I can’t even go in public without someone telling me to kill myself,” Arianna says. “It’s not easy to be transgender. People say it’s a choice. Why would anyone want to go through any of this?”


51% of transgender teens who are rejected by their families attempt suicide. This type of harassment that Arianna's mother is putting her through, is dangerous and should be illegal. Arianna is right about women being forced into the sex industry, because they lack the support of their families. Her arguments are the very reason we have chosen to open up TRANZGENDR to them. When you bully people into a corner, you shouldn't acted shocked by what they do to try to survive.