Silicon Valley Titans Come to Gavin Grimm's Defense

Gavin Grimm

The number of Amicus briefs being filed on behalf of Gavin Grimm in his case for transgender bathroom rights is nearly unheard of. Politicians, political organizations and now many Silicon Valley titans have all submitted briefs defending Gavin Grimm's right to use his high school's restroom based on his gender identity. The list of companies trying to help transgender men and women include, but are not limited too, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, eBay, Yahoo, and Twitter.

Many of these Silicon Valley heavy weights have made statements on their own. For instance Intel added, "Intel signed this amicus brief to stand with our LGBTQ colleagues, customers, communities, suppliers and partners, and we firmly believe that equality for LGBTQ individuals is a civil right."

"IBM has had an explicit policy of non-discrimination based on gender identity or expression since 2002, and we are opposed to discrimination in all its forms, including any policies that discriminate based on gender identity in education." IBM said in a statement regarding the policy reverse instituted by Trump.

In a statement about the amicus brief Salesforce said, "Every child deserves an opportunity to succeed free of fear, anxiety, and threats of discrimination. Salesforce strongly believes that all students, including transgender students, should be treated as equals, and we disagree with any effort to limit their rights. Equality for all."