Gigi Gorgeous Opens Up About Being a Lesbian

gigi gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous is YouTube’s premiere transgender star. With almost 2.5 million subscribers and a new YouTube Red documentary titled This Is Everything, she’s one of the site’s biggest draws. She became a household name last August after being detained at a Dubai airport because she was trans. Now, she’s making headlines for a decidedly more upbeat topic. She’s coming out as a lesbian.

Gorgeous, whose real name is Gigi Lazzarato, opened up to PEOPLE magazine about her new romance with activist and model Natalia “Nats” Getty.

“I never thought I’d fall for a girl. But I wouldn’t change it for the world,” she told the mag.

Previously, Gorgeous was in a long-term relationship with web star Cory Binney. It’s Binney who’s shown in her emotional August Instagram post about her Dubai detainment. He came to pick her up once she was released.

She told PEOPLE that she latched onto Binney because he accepted her for who she was.

“I was new to living my life as my authentic self, so when I found someone who accepted me, I was on top of the world.”

Her breakup with Binney is one of many topics broached in This Is Everything. That documentary, however, mainly focuses on her transition.

Gorgeous first rose to YouTube fame as Greg Lazzarato and went through her transition in front of her millions of subscribers. A former national diving champion, she became one of the first major YouTube celebs after coming out as gay. Her makeup tutorials amassed millions of views. And while she gained popularity for her skills, her appearance veered into androgyny. Her identity exploration was almost crowdsourced. She was exploring and finding herself before a supersized audience.

She first started her transition back in 2013. In true YouTube fashion, she announced her transition via a video titled “I Am Transgender”. That video has more than 3.6 million views and is flanked by thousands of encouraging comments.

This Is Everything recounts her entire experience. It also serves as a study in modern fame. We’re living in an era where people become famous for simply being themselves. The documentary is equal parts origin story and time capsule.

When the film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival last month, Gorgeous sat down with The Daily Beast for an in-depth interview about the film and her journey.

She told the publication, “When I started documenting it was just for me. It was my transition story for me. But once we signed on for the documentary it started to have a bigger picture and I really wanted it to be a transgender person’s film, a love journey about a family, and I wanted it be educational and inspire people to chase their dreams after watching it.”

In a sense, her film goes deeper into the process than any production before it. Even on her YouTube channel, Gorgeous has gone into great detail about plastic surgery and hormone therapy.

As the trans community pushes for more visibility, Gigi Gorgeous is at the forefront of the movement, shining a powerful spotlight on the journey of trans women everywhere.