Kelly Osbourne & Zackary Drucker Join Forces for the TransNation Festival

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Kelly Osbourne & Zackary Drucker Join Forces for the TransNation Festival

The transgender community is enjoying a moment in time that is both beautiful and inspiring. Many trans men and women have found the strength and courage to live true and honest lives on their terms. The increase in transgender visibility has brought with it tolerance and understanding.

At the core of the visibility is beauty and art. From beauty pageants to television shows, the world has been introduced to the transgender community, through these cracks in the wall of oppression and discrimination. Which means there is a no more fitting a celebration of the transgender community, than a celebration of transgender film. art and beauty.

Kelly Osbourne and Zachary Drucker are teaming up to help make the TransNation Festival a success. The festival will feature a film festival, art exhibit, and a beauty pageant. The celebration is a three day event aimed at lifting up the community and inspiring more beauty and art.

Some people many not understand why a beauty pageant is included in the celebration. For you I say, yesterday TRANZGENDR launched The Life & Times profile of Erica Andrews, who was known for her beauty and grace. She was one of the first transgender women to ever win a beauty pageant. While most feminists many never full grasp the reason why many transgender women prefer a feminine ascetic, it provides validation for many women who have lived a life never once feeling that type of validation. The experience is powerful and rewarding for the many women in our community. It's also very much part of transgender history and visibility.

For more information please visit TransNationFestival.orgIt should be noted that the website is being overwhelmed at the moment, so make sure to check back at a later date if you can't get the site to load.

by SlickLion, TRANZGENDR