Misty Plowright Colorado's First Transgender Candidate for Congress

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Photo by Campaign for Misty Plowright http://www.mistyforcongress.com

To call, Misty Plowright, the first transgender woman to run for Congress in the State of Colorado, an underdog would be an understatement. The district in which Misty lives, is heavily conservative and gerrymandered to ensure the conservative politician there can't lose. Most of us live in districts just like Misty's. The economic and political elite have rigged the system, so only they matter. The people in Misty's district don't matter anymore, and neither do you or I. All you have to do is take a brief look at the WikiLeaks emails, to know that our progressive values are seen as annoying to the elites in our own party. The frustration of over the collusion among the establishment, is what helped fuel Bernie Sanders' campaign and political revolution.

Misty Plowright's campaign sprouted from the passion of Bernie's political revolution. It's hard to admit this, but that revolution is dying. All that is left for most of us, is anger, betrayal and apathy. Generation X once fought the Baby Boomers and they lost, the result was a generation lost in a perpetual state of apathy. We cannot allow the Millennial generation lose hope, which is why campaign's like Misty's are necessary.

The hope that change might still come to America, rests in the hard work and continued fight of politicians like Misty Plowright. It's going to be an uphill battle that will take years to win. Misty has only received $11,000 in campaign contributions to her opponents $561,000. Her opponent will not debate her, even though she has made eight requests for town hall meetings. She doesn't matter to the political elite, because you don't matter.

With the death of local media and the wholesale corruption of the mainstream media, politicians have learned that the best way to win, is to disengage. Engaging the public means answering questions, and answer questions is dangerous, particularly in a world with OpenSecrets.org. The truth is most politicians have no good answers for their corruption. So when the candidated like Plowright come along, they ignore them in order to avoid accountability.

The tenants of Misty Plowright's campaign are about the people's right to representation and veterans. She believes that we should care for our veterans before they die. It seems pretty obvious right, well it's not when money is involved. Misty also believes that all veterans regardless of their nationality, should be protect and their citizenship reaffirmed.

I'm a veteran. I've served with many men and women who joined the service just to earn the right to be called an American. The thought that their hard work and dedication would be ignored and then they would be deported, makes me sick. Misty is on the right side of this debate. All you need to do is spend just one week in boot-camp, to know this. War tears at a person's soul, punishing them for their unseen wounds is horrific and grotesque.

On top of Misty's advocacy for veterans is her desire to upgrade our internet infrastructure. Americans by-in-large pay more for their internet and get slower speeds than most other developed nations. The lack of investment is a direct result of a lack of competition, brought on by mega mergers. When companies are not made to compete for customers they see no reason to invest. Which means either two things have to happen, we pass laws that turn the internet into a public utility or we break up the duopolies and monopolies. Both of these things will not happen, if we keep electing corporate liberals and corporate conservatives.

These are obviously just a few of Misty's campaign platforms. While she may not win this election, it's only a matter of time before a transgender candidate does when a seat in the US Congress.

If you would like to support Misty Plowright. please go to MistyforCongress.com.