Transitioning With Sophia: The Hammer is an Illusion

The Hammer is an Illusion

Transphobic people are miserable people, who fear the happiness of others happiness. The source of their misery is their own sexual repression.

They are the shortest nail, who fear the hammer the most. Their bigotry is a call out to the hammer, "Hit the nails who stand tall and unafraid! Hit them while I kneel in their shadows."

Their fear and self-repression are the willful bonds of a serf. They are prisoners of the mind. They live in fear of their own bodies, of their own pleasure. They are sad and pathetic, because they know they desire more. But they have accepted the lie that their passions are a crime, a sin. 

If God is love, then hate is ungodly. There can be no crimes of love in a universe of love. There can only be crimes of hate. This is the fundamental truth of who and what God is.

From the beginning of human civilization pharaohs and emperors have created their own Gods to govern their subjects. Christianity became the world's leading religion because the early church cut a deal with Caesar's Rome. They whitewashed the message of Jesus, so that God would serve him. The process of selling out Jesus was called the Inquisition. It was bloody and texts written about Jesus that didn't serve Caesar were torched, along with Jesus' true followers.

Since then parents have taught their children to fear their own bodies. They have taught them to kneel and fear the hammer. They did this for good reason. Failing to kneel to the hammer could have meant death. In many parts of the world, people must still kneel because the hammer kills. But in America. Where there is a separation of Church and State, the hammer is powerless to kill. It cannot harm you. The power of the hammer is an illusion. The power of Love, on the other hand, is endless.

Find your love. Understand why you hate. Locate it's source and root it out of your life and soul. At the gates of heaven there is but one judge, and that judge is Love. You will be rewarded for the compassion and love you bring into this world; or you will be condemned for the hate you brought.

I do not fear our God who is love. I do not even fear those who are of hate. I know that I am true and I know that I am loved. I know that I am good and I know that I am Sophia.