Transgender Actress Jen Richards Cast in 'Nashville'

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Transgender Actress Jen Richards Cast in 'Nashville'

Jen Richards of 'Her Story' fame has just been cast in CMT's 'Nashville'. She will have a reoccurring role in the series.

Jen will play a physical therapist who is helping a main character recover for a serious challenge. Whether the role will delve into the discrimination that many transgender people face in the South, has not been disclosed. I wouldn't doubt her story arch will include some depiction of the hate trans people endure.

Historically speaking transgender story lines have been a boon for the entertainment industry. Amazon's Transparent, CBS's Doubt, Netflix's Orange is the New Black, Fox's Rocky Horror Picture Show, have all include transgender actors and story lines and all have the hallmarks of success. The Rocky Horror Picture Show will debut on Halloween night, but Fox is already heavily promoting it's remake starring Laverne Cox.

CMT and Hulu rescued 'Nashville' after ABC gave the hit series the axe. Moving the series to a less demanding channel is probably what the series needs. Bumping interesting in the show by adding a transgender story line, likely help the show survive the transition.

Jen Richards has recently been vocal about Hollywood's casting of cisgender men to play transgender women roles. The criticism has been biting at times but is seen by many in the transgender community, as completely necessary and a long time coming.  It's nice to know that her advocacy for the transgender community has not resulted in the loss of work.