Transitioning With Sophia: What I Think Of Donald Trump

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I've tried for the most part to stay out of politics here on TRANZGENDR. We did endorse Hillary Clinton in the general election because we knew that she was the only candidate who had a shot at winning the Presidency and that if she won she would protect transgender rights and privileges. That being said, I voted for Jill Stein. I did it because I was voting in a blue state and I had the luxury of voting for the someone I believed in.

Hillary Clinton lost the election because the Democratic Party does not serve the American people. It serves corporate America. All the other factors that the paid pundits to point to are just red herrings and nothing more. The Democratic Party since Bill Clinton was in office has been slowly selling out the American middle class. The middle class in the 2016 election said we are broke and tired of the paying the price. Hillary Clinton just offered more of the same and a large enough portion of the American people said enough.

Now on to Donald Trump

Donald Trump is stupid. He has a low IQ and is impulsively incompetent. He is his own worse enemy. On the campaign trail, all of his impulsivity and incompetence came with very little consequences because it was all bluster and bullshit. When he became President of the United States he walked into the most power office in the world, but he failed to realize it was filled with landmines. He is too stupid to understand the laws he must follow and too impulsive to protect himself from violating them on a daily basis.

When I think of the mind of Donald Trump, I'm reminded of the library at Berkeley, my alma mater. It is one of the largest libraries in the world. It contains so many books, that shelves have to be put on rails so that they can slide closer to each other. If they didn't the building couldn't house all the volumes. The way that one slides the shelves closer is by turning wheels. With that said, if Trump's mind was filled with shelves like the one's at Berkeley and on all the shelves in his mind was the knowledge he's obtained over his life. I image that when the wheels were spun and the shelves opened, all you would find is a poorly written letter that said, "So what my daddy is richer than yours!"

There is clearly nothing in the mind of Trump. There is no depth and there is no master plan. Trump was never going to be the next Hilter because Trump doesn't possess a mind that thinks. Adolph Hitler was a writer and an artist. I'm saying that not because I admire him. I'm saying it because he possessed a dangerously skilled mind. He navigated political landmines to obtain power and push his influence after he seized control. What Donald Trump did was spew hate to old white men, who are afraid of losing their privileged existence. He then packaged that hate with a growing disdain for neo-liberalism and globalization. His hatred for Mexicans led to him opposing NAFTA. He used that dog whilst to hide the blatant racism behind his rhetoric on the loss of manufacturing jobs.

Now I could go into more about all the bigotry that populates Donald Trump's mind, but it's pointless. At his core, he is nothing more than an ignorant bigot, as most bigots are. There is nothing more to him. He won the American Presidency because he was supported by bigots and idiots. If you didn't know within fifteen minutes of hearing Donald Trump speaking for the first that he is an idiot, then you are very likely an idiot as well.

People who are stupid and inept, are often the last people to know. So now you know and knowing is half the battle, according to Commander Hawk and Snake Eyes.

Sorry for that last bit. I had to add it for all the idiots who may read this. Oh and if you know that Snake Eyes is mute and he can't speak, then you're probably not an idiot. The idiots will just blow right past that and listen to and follow their favorite cartoon heroes mindlessly.