You're a [email protected] Unicorn, So Start Acting Like It!

you're a unicornThis post is for transgender women only. If you're offended by it. I don't really care. This is a transgender website for transgender people. This site wasn't made for cisgender people.

I'm going to start this post with a few facts about transgender women. The transgender community makes up .03% of the worlds population. If half of that population are women, that means our community of trans women is hovering around .015%. If you're a transgender woman who kept her boy bits, that makes you even more rare.

What we know from reports produced by PornHub, is that interest in transgender porn is spiking. Ever since transgender visibility hit it's peak, transgender women have become a hot commodity. What this means is that there are less transgender women to date, than there are cisgender guys and women, wanting to be with them. And their afraid that you're going to find out. Every trans woman knows, once you get a taste for trans women there is no going back.

Another example of our unicorn status is that transgender extras for movies and television get paid more than cisgender women. Why? Because we're fucking unicorns. Passable transgender women like PrincessJoules, actually get bitched at for being too good looking.

Many people falsely believe that transgender women should feel lucky to have a guy, but that's complete bullshit. All any half good looking trans girl has to do is put an ad on Craigslist to know there are plenty fish in the sea. Which is why I did a little test with myself to see the truth.

I got dressed up in tight jeans, red six inch heels, a nice top and then I messed with the rest. I didn't put on any concealer, foundation, did no contouring or blush, and I even used the wrong eye brow pencil color than the color of my hair. It was a hot mess, but I still was very "fuckable". I'm 5'10' and 166 lbs. The average American woman is 5'4' and 166 lbs. My legs alone can get dick.

Then I posted an ad on Craiglist and it began like this,

Most men think their special, because they'll date a tranny.

I don't

I'm a unicorn and I know it.

From there I went on to list all the demands that I had for men. I basically told them you're either my slave or you can go fuck yourself. I even warned them that I would out them for any abuse, because "I'm a unicorn with the roar of a lioness".  I did this to make sure I scared off as many of the easy haters and fakers as possible, just to see what I would get.

And what did I get?

Hate and guys begging to be my bitch. See the guys who hate realize that their such losers, that if the "trannies" figure out how special they are, their only chance of getting laid, is coming off a plane in Hawaii. Which is a trip many of them probably can't afford.

So they're instinctual ready to dish out the abuse, to get the trannies back in line. It's fear that drive their hate. Yoda wasn't wrong, even if his CGI and the prequels were a wreck.

Now Here's the Problem Ladies

Your low self esteem, is screwing up our ability to play this game. It's completely understandable that your self esteem is low. There are a lot of haters out there. But we aren't trying to be with the haters, we trying to lock down the guys or girls who want to be with us. When you allow other's hate to own you, you empower them. The powerless believe the lies, the powerful tell them. The immovable forces in this world are the cornerstones who refuse to believe the lies and function based on the true reality. When you listen to the hate and fear, you render yourself powerless.

The truth is a lot guys won't date us. Who gives a shit, there are enough good one's that will, that we literally have the pick of the liter.

What's helping us out even more, is the fact that many cisgender women have given up on their feminine spirit. All you have to do is go into a Wal-Mart and look at what passes as a woman in America to see our competition. What men desire is becoming nothing more than a false advertisement pitched in ads for burgers and beers.

Transgender visibility coupled with the fact that cisgender women no longer care about what men desire, is making us even more special and desirable than ever before. I spent years listening to men talk about women. I know exactly what they want and so do many of you. If you embrace your femininity and you love yourself, all of you can have good stable relationships. If you believe their lies, and give away the tranny milk for free, or without any real commitment, then you'll be the loser they're trying to convince you are.

I know it's hard to look past the haters. But you must focus on your lovers. If you want true love, which is love that comes with mutual sacrifice, then you need to focus on the men and women who will love us. You're wasting your time with haters, or men or women who try to reinforce your negative self esteem. You need to know the motives of your lovers, you need to know your position in the game, and you need to play your cards right. Many of you have a royal flush, but you're folding because you're falling for the impossible bluff.

Yes it's great having sex as a woman, but you can have even better sex with a guy or girl who's committed and not afraid to express his/her love for you.

In short. You're a fucking unicorn, so start acting like it!